July 6th, 2014Posted by Circle City Chorale


Winter 2014

Circle City Chorale has become a premier community choir and we are proud and thrilled. Every concert brings us new potential members and expands our fan base. Our motto – Sing * Soar * Inspire – is meant to bring enjoyment to our audiences, but it also motivates us to continue our growth in every respect. We are truly inspired by the reception we receive from you, our fans. You touch our hearts with your compliments and praise. We vow to do all we can to ensure your continued enjoyment of our music.

Auditions are closed for the current season. They will reopen for our spring season during August, 2015. Keep an eye out for more information regarding audition dates. Check out our “How To Join” page for information for other ways to get involved. Keep watching us. We sing for you, we soar with the power of music, you inspire us to continue sharing this gift.

Circle City Chorale