Reflections from Europe

Reflections from Europe 2016 by Erick Lange

On May 8th, 2016, the Circle City Chorale finished up an eight day tour of Europe. The group visited and performed in three cities together: Prague, Czech Republic; Vienna, Austria; and Budapest, Hungary. Many members extended their trip for a few days, going to cities like Paris, Berlin, and Milan at their own leisure

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Sing, Soar, Inspire… in Europe

Circle City Chorale’s 2016 European Tour is finally coming over the horizon and approaching at jet speed! With a couple months left to embark, choral members are assembling the program, perfecting the repertoire, scrambling to get their travel gear, and eagerly packing their bags. What awaits them across the Atlantic are three performances, in three cities, a few days of sightseeing and leisure, and a life’s worth of shared memories.

In the musically rich cities of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, Circle City Chorale will carry proudly the mantle of musical performance, tracing the footsteps of its forbearers, and sharing the sound of our diverse culture with a new audience.

Angela Rosser, Circle City Chorale Director, all smiles, giddy about the news she had just received, that she and her husband would be extending their trip into Paris, sat across from me at a table in a room normally reserved for Circle City Chorale board meetings.
Graciously, she humored me for this unique look behind the scenes of the chorale’s upcoming tour. This being a Monday evening with a three hour rehearsal ahead of us, the muffled chattering and vocalizing of chorale members in a steady crescendo just behind the wall, I’d have to make it quick.

Erick Lange: First, I have to ask: Are you excited about the trip?
Angela Rosser: I am elated! Can’t wait. Haven’t packed my bags yet but…
AR: I’ve never been to Europe; and I have the opportunity to direct, do something that I love and take a group that I founded and be able to explore several foreign countries… just thrills me! You know, to go where Mozart has been… I’ve studied music my whole life. So to be somewhere where such incredible composers originated, created… having the opportunity for us to sing there is incredible! Continue reading »