Circle City Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir Auditions: You can schedule an audition here.

Circle City Children's Choir, Corona, CA

The Circle City Children’s Choir (C4) is a Corona, CA-based children’s choir and music education program of the Circle City Chorale and was founded in 2014. Growing seasonally since its inception and currently split into three performance groups, it has become a vital part of the Circle City Chorale’s outreach mission to the community.

Through weekly rehearsals and various performance opportunities, children’s choir participants will gain an appreciation of music while learning basic music theory, the fundamentals of singing in a choir, proper vocal techniques, performance skills, and simple choreography. This constructive program teaches the value of persistence, self-discipline, and personal achievement and empowers children to strive for personal growth through its many solo opportunities.

Participating in Circle City Children’s Choir:

These young people perform two main concert events: the Spring Concert in May and the Holiday Concert in December. There are also numerous appearances throughout the year at community events, including the City of Corona’s 4th of July parade, Day of the Child, Empty Bowls, Concerts on the Green, and at local churches and libraries.

The Circle City Children’s Choir is under the direction of Rachelle Randeen, with Assistant Director Katie Bourgeois, and Children’s Choir Coordinator Paul Lovette. Circle City Children’s Choir is comprised of C4, C4 Juniors, and C4 Advanced. C4 participants must be in the 4th grade by the Fall Season. C4 Juniors participants must be at least five years old.

  • C4 Juniors is for younger and/or beginner students. 
  • C4 Advanced is a smaller ensemble drawn from C4, requiring a higher level of proficiency.
  • Rehearsals are on Mondays from 5 PM to 6 PM in Corona, CA.
  • Participation fees are $75 per season, which includes the performance T-shirt for the season and sheet music rental.

  • There are two seasons per year:  Spring Season (January through May) and Fall Season (August through December).

  • Children’s choir members also have the option to audition for the annual summer Broadway-themed concert in August before the start of the regular season.
Rachelle Randeen, Director of the Circle City Children’s Choir