3rd Annual Movie Themes and Broadway Dreams

One singular sensation bellows from within our hearts whenever we allow ourselves to be taken by beautiful music, beautiful not only in style and form, but in substance. Beautiful music is a vehicle that transports the listener decades into the past, evoking cherished memories in an instant with a line or a single string of notes. Beautiful music is a beacon that lights the path towards a promising future, a real and attainable future. In the universal power of beautiful music, we hold Broadway in the highest regard.


It’s time we let our hearts bellow and yearn for something beautiful. Circle City Chorale (C3) along with the Circle City Children’s Choir (C4) are proud to finally present their Third Annual Broadway Concert.

On August 26th, 2017, C3 and C4’s talented soloists and group performers return to the Corona Civic Center with a repertoire of Broadway and Movie favorites. This promises to be their most musically diverse Broadway Concert ever! There will be beloved songs from the past as well as favorites from some of the most current award-winning productions, each one a voice from the heart. Come share in beautiful music. Come share in heart.

When: August 26, 2017 2pm and 7pm
Where: Corona Civic Center – 815 W. 6th Street, Corona, CA  92882 – (Get Directions
Adults – $14
Students/Seniors – $12
Children – $10
Don’t forget to pre-purchase your tickets and save $2!

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